Current Events

‘Ighlander 2015 Entry for WOW 2015 Fijian Tapa cloth, feathers, shells & amp; m/m.

An invitation to my show at Solander in September 2014 to co-incice with WOW in Wellington.

EV WOW invite image

I have jewellery in Kerrie Lowe’s Christmas Show. Here are my popular Flying Lizard Brooches.

Kerrie Lowe Past Exhibitions


The exhibition of the best of the World of Wearable Art at the Auckland Museum includes my Budgerigar Brassiere 2002. The show finishes on 22 March 2015.

Budgerigar Brassierre 2002

Budgerigar Brassiere 2002

In September 2014, I won “Garment with most WOW Factor”, at the World of Wearable Art, Wellington, NZ.

Sulphur Crested Frockatoo 2014

Sulphur Crested Frockatoo 2014